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Barbara D. Leek

I was physically active until about six years ago. I spent the late 50s and the 60s involved in synchronized swimming. In the eighties I trained for four marathons and completed two of them. I enjoyed careers as a middle school teacher and a clinical social worker. About six years ago, after turning sixty, I began to experience serious mobility problems, frequent loss of balance and some falls. My stamina for walking and standing became limited. I refused to allow myself to become dependent on a cane or walker. I was referred to Drs. Roberto Segura and Edgardo Rodriquez by Dr. Arnold Grauer, my internist, during my annual physical. Dr. Grauer asked me if I wanted to see a doctor who specialized in peripheral neuropathy. I was more than willing to see a specialist after more than six years of numbness, tingling, burning, and muscle weakness that began in both feet and eventually moved up and down each leg. I had had two years of Neurontin and Lyrica without relief from what became chronic acute symptoms. My then neurologist had talked about needing to find the cause of the neuropathy, but he also told me that there was really nothing more he could do besides prescribing medication for the symptoms. He did two EMG tests on my legs about a year apart, and did an ultrasound on my legs to check circulation. My symptoms were always worse in cold weather, but in the summer of 2011 I began to have the same problems in warm weather that I usually had in cold weather. I began to fear that I would eventually not be able to walk without assistance. In addition to medication I also tried acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, regular massages and Tai Chi to relieve the pain, burning, and muscle cramps. Relief from symptoms was only temporary.

My first appointment with Dr. Segura was very encouraging. After hearing the history of my symptoms, he did a different kind of test on each leg, a nerve conduction velocity (ncv) test. He also ordered a glucose tolerance test to rule out diabetes as a cause for my symptoms. The GTT confirmed that I am not diabetic, but Dr. Grauer advised me to limit carbohydrates and sugar intake. Dr. Rodriquez examined my legs and used ultrasound to determine if there was anything inside my legs causing my symptoms. He administered nerve block injections in each leg to see if the pain was relieved; it was, but only for about 24 hours. After three appointments with Drs. Segura and Rodriquez, plans were made for outpatient surgery to release the entrapped nerves in each leg. Dr. Rodriquez stated that I should experience 60% improvement in symptoms after the surgery.

My surgery was December 16, 2011. I came to the hospital with extreme pain along both legs—muscle cramps, burning, tingling. I woke up after surgery with NO PAIN except around the three incisions on each leg!!!! I am now regaining my mobility and leg strength only four weeks after surgery. The staples were removed after three weeks, and the stitches will be removed after six weeks. Not only was my surgery successful beyond my hopes, but the care I received from Dr. Rodriquez was exceptional. He has called, sent text messages, and proudly exclaimed about the results from my surgery. Information has been regularly shared with Dr. Seguro and with Dr. Grauer. What a contrast to my previous neurologist! I am elated with my progress to date and look forward to working with a physical therapist to increase my leg strength in the coming weeks.

I urge anyone who has experienced this debilitating condition to seek out Drs. Roberto Segura and Edgardo Rodriquez across from the Northwestern hospital campus.
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Jenny Gill

Throughout 2011, I experienced severe pain, tingling and loss of sensation in my feet, balance issues and hypersensitivity. My symptoms worsened at night or whenever my feet were elevated, and subsequently my sleep pattern suffered and I developed chronic fatigue syndrome.

I was concerned about not being able to maintain my More >